Should You Watermark Your Photos?


When I started out in photography, everyone was watermarking their photos because we were all learning that the internet is a place that has some not so good people lurking around. 

But today things have changed. I have always studied the top photographers in our industry, like Martin Bailey, Joe McNally, Sue Bryce, Karen Hutton, ect..

You will never find a big watermark on their images across the subject. You may see some branding going on in the corners but no opacity type watermark over the photograph.

Why?  Well rather than just give my opinion I did some research and found some great articles on this subject.

If you were wondering if you should watermark your images you may want to read a few of these articles.

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Hope this is helpful to help you decide if you think you should watermark your photos.

Please leave me any comments on this subject. I am always open to others ideas and suggestions