Vista Verde Ranch Workshop 2017 Highlights


Snow, horses, cowboys and photographers what could be better? Well, this was one of just the many fun things we did at the Vista Verde Ranch Winter Wonderland Workshop. 

Snow Snow & More Snow

A winter wonderland was what we all experienced when we arrived at the ranch. The staff had informed us that they had received 12 ft of snow in the previous week. Yes, you read that right "12 feet of snow"  It was so beautifully peaceful and a blast to photograph and enjoy all the fun snow activities.


Regardless if you were in a private room with a big comfortable king size bed decorated in true western style or a shared cabin with your own private bedroom and bath along with a shared living area enjoying a cozy fire and a glass of wine, you will never forget the fantastic views of the ranch. 

Dining Experience

Well to say that one of the major highlights of the workshop was the food is an understatement.  Every meal was carefully prepared by the chef and his amazing staff.  Early morning breakfast, lunch to keep your energy going. and delicious dinners fit for a king every evening.  The deserts, well what can I say, it were not for all the activities, you would easily come home with a few more pounds added on to the scale.

We also had the pleasure of doing a wine tasting, which was not only fun but very educational and informative about wine choices.

Photography Opportunities

I can not say enough about how many photographic opportunities  are available at Vista Verde Ranch.  But I believe the photographs below will speak for themselves.  Here are just some of the photographs attendee Linda Doane and I took over the four days of the workshops. There are much, much more but this will give you an idea of all the opportunities available at the ranch to create amazing images.

Time to Reserve for Next Year

If you think you would love to come to next years Winter Wonderland Workshop you will need to get on our reserve list.  Click on the link below to find out more.

2018 Winter Wonderland Workshop at the Vista Verde Ranch