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Welcome to my new website and the start of something I have wanted to do for a long time, which is to create a space for those who love living a quiet, peaceful, and simple lifestyle where we can escape from the craziness of today's modern environment.

So it is my hope that this website will be a place you visit often to find peace and beauty when life gets to be too much.

I have always lived out away from the city and often very rural. It has been a lifestyle many do not understand but has always brought me joy and peace but most of all inspiration to create. 

Most people who choose a more quiet lifestyle are not interested in things like fashion, celebrity, fancy restaurant reviews, tall buildings, or strangers on the street. We tend to gravitate more toward old barns, gardens, chickens, warm puppies, kittens, or our local farmer's markets.


To us, the latest hair style is not straight or curly short or long, but how quickly we can make a messy bun or stuff our hair under a baseball cap. Our favorite clothing style is not high heels or white sneakers with skinny jeans; we enjoy wearing things like Muck boots, flannel shirts, and Carhart vests. We also do not call ourselves foodies but enjoy a tasty home cooked meal from scratch.  Rooftop gardens would seem strange when we have more than enough room for a garden in our own backyards.  Which by the way helps to cut down on grass mowing chores. If any of  this sounds like you, you're at the right place.

The Living Rural Blog

  The blog is where you can come with a cup of coffee and read stories and view images of others who are living rurally.

 I hope to feature interesting people who are embracing what it means to live rural.   Some of my writings will also be about what I am learning about organic gardening in a foreign country, along with sharing recipes and tips on cooking from the days when I was a ranch cook. I will still include my draft horse stories as I come across them and many post will just be images.

  I will  share with you how I create my fine art photography from start to finish and my creative process.   I plan on sharing as much as I can about subjects around rural living. 

The Creative Loft


The Creative Loft is the marketplace to purchase wall art and items for your home to help you express how you live your life and what you value.

I have added some of my fine art images and will continue to be adding more.

I will be adding calendars, fine art cards, computer wallpaper and other art image products.

I am reaching out to other artists that I admire and share there work in the blog and in the store to give you a wider range of art to enjoy.

Learning the Art of Photography

Since I have taught myself the art of photography, I thought it might be time to give back by helping others wanting to learn this amazing form of art

 I will soon be teaching those interested in learning more about photography,  particularly photographing  horses, by offering  online courses, webinars, and other resources, along with amazing workshops, retreats, and tours to some of my favorite locations.

My newest workshop & retreat will be held on January 23 to 27th at the Vista Verda ranch near Steamboat Springs, CO  You can read my experience of staying on the ranch last winter in an earlier blog post.

If you would like to attend the workshop you can click here to learn more.

As I continue to create this website I hope you will visit often and share with others you think would enjoy visiting. Everyone needs a place where they feel they belong.

I would love to know what kinds of subjects that interest you and what your thoughts are on the re-design.  Please let me know if you have any trouble finding your way around so try and make it easier.

 If you would be so kind as to leave your suggestions or comments below, or if you prefer you can let reach out to me on my Facebook page  or tweet me on Twitter or you can visit my Instagram page

  I hope this  website  informs, inspires, and makes you laugh as  I share with you the people and experiences of traveling a rural road.

Enjoy the rest of this summer, and remember to spend some time in nature.

Take Care