New Year, New Focus in 2016

Welcome to 2016 and Happy New Year. 

This year brings about a new focus to my website and my blog.  I am going to pour self into my main passion the draft horse.  I know that you subscribed and follow my work on Facebook mostly because you love draft horses and the wonderful people who share their lives with them. Well this year is going to feature more images, more stories, and more knowledge about these amazing horses. 

Goals for 2016

I have some great opportunities coming up this year all which involved my favorite subject the draft horse. I will also being writing in my blog about all the different breeds of draft horses from around the world and all about their origin and what they were bred for over history. My goal over the next several years is to photograph every breed of draft horse. This is a big project that will take a lot of travel but I know I can get it done.

Stories in Colorado

I will be interviewing a man who runs a sleigh ride business in downtown Aspen CO. During this past holiday season Aspen was covered in beautiful fluffy white snow during the week prior to Christmas and so the sleigh rides were one of the top attractions. I will be finding out all about what it is like to run a business in this such a beautiful place along with the all the ups and downs and of course all about his horses and how they work together.

I also will be heading to Northwestern Colorado to a ranch that uses their 8 draft horses for feeding cattle and work around the ranch. I will be interviewing them about how working with draft horses has been passed down through the generations. I will tell this story by speaking one member from each generation to get their perspective on what it means to them to work with these amazing horses.

We are having quite a winter here in Colorado so I hope to get some amazing images of the horses feeding cattle or giving sleigh rides. I know these will look great in next years calendar.

I also will be representing The Draft Horse Journal  at the National Western Stock show here in Denver. I will be photographing all the draft horse events along with catching some behind the scene stories for an article in the magazine. While I am there I will be sure to catch some shots of the mules, border collie trials, and all the rural events. A rural photographers playground. If you are going to attend the show contact me so we can meet up.

Stories in Belgium

When I arrive in Belgium this year there are some exciting events and stories coming up. One I will be photographing loggers and their horses in the wooded areas of Belgium. Soon as I step off the plane in early March I will be heading out to do this story. In Belgium they are not allowed to log during spring so not to disturb the nesting birds so logging ends after March. 

I will also be interviewing the first Horse Fisher(woman) Very exciting to see a woman take on this amazing job. I will be finding out her story and learn all about the horse she has chosen as her partner for job that is so dependent on a well trained and strong draft horse.

Then in April I will be going to the re-enactment of how the canal system was constructed in Belgium using draft horses. The draft horses were used to dig and haul the dirt away while building the canals. 

Later in July they will be demonstrating how the draft horse pulled the ships through the canal system.  A job that is more dangerous than it looks. This will be a great story with amazing images of the many talents of the draft horse.

Posting Schedule

I will be posting every Wednesday (New Years Resolution) I will be highlighting all the  different breeds of draft horse throughout the year and share all the amazing stories I come across.

Fine Art Images & Website

I will be continuing to create fine art images of draft horses and rural landscapes and will be working on my website to update and make purchasing the wall art easier. I will share all new work here and offer a print a month for at a discount to those who subscribe to the blog.

I also will be collecting images for next years calendar which I plan to make more beautiful and larger than the previous years.  Along with greeting cards. 

Your Place to Come for Everything Draft Horse

I am excited to become your source for everything draft horse. If you have a story or know of one please contact me. I am always looking for stories about these amazing horses and the people that work and love them.

So as I start the New Year I am excited see where all this takes me and all the amazing people I will be meeting. But most of all I am excited to be able to share with you these stories through this blog. Please tell anyone else you think may interested in draft horses and be sure to subscribe so you do not miss out on the stories, images and information I hope to bring here. 

Let the journey begin.

Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for subscribing and following my work.

Gigi Embrechts