Mentoring. It is Time to Share

I have spent almost every waking hour for the last 8 years consumed with learning, reading, searching, and experimenting to improve my photography and learn what it means to not only be an artist but a business person.  I love the work I do and I keep trying to better myself along the way, but now I think it is time to give back.

After the great opportunity of being interviewed on This Week in Photo with Frederick Van Johnson about equine photography I have had several emails from people asking me questions and wondering about equine photography and photographing horses. This has started me to think that mentoring others would be a perfect way to share and help those who are where I was when I started out in this career.  So I am going  to start offering mentoring for people who need help to get a leg up with their photography or business.

I have had many, many mentors. I have hired some great mentors to help me when ever I felt I could not see the next step I should take.  Every time I feel I am at a place where I need to grow my skills, learn more about art, need help in my business I would reach out to someone who I felt was where I wanted to be in my photography, business or life. This has consistently been the one thing that has moved me forward more than anything else I have done. 

Here is a short video about the importance of having a mentor or coach.

So now it is my turn. No I do not know everything and I still feel like a student myself most of the time but having said that I also know a lot more than I did when I started. I have made tons and tons of mistakes, along with a lot of trial and error and my fair share of set backs, but if I could share these tough lessons to help someone else avoid them and take an easier route then I think it is my obligation to pay back for all the help I have received.

So I have decided to offer a mentoring service on my website.  I still have to work on just how I am going to set this all up but I wanted you to know that I will be available to help you get a leg up on your photography, career, or business.  Being a photographer, artist or business owner is a long road with many stages and I remember to well how frustrating it can be when you are starting out. So I want to offer you some help that is designed just for you. 

I will be sending you a survey right after you receive this email. I would love it you would take the time to fill  out this survey so I can know the best way I can serve you and help you with what your may be struggling with. 

If mentoring is something that does not appeal to you because you follow me as a fan,  just right that down in the survey and I will take you off my mentoring email list so I don't bother you with things your are not interested in. But if you are interested in having some help in any way I would appreciate if you would take the time to fill out the survey and I will put you on a special email list so you can receive updates about this service.

If you are  a fan of my work I certainly do not want to leave you out. I have some special things for you in the upcoming Holiday season so please look forward to that.

Thank you and please share if you know anyone who may be interested in getting some help with their photography or business.


Gigi Embrechts