When Life Offers a Gift.. Take it

I just got back from a 2 hour 14 mile bike ride with my camera that I had no business going on with all the work that was piling up for the next morning.  Why did I go? Here is the story:

I am leaving Belgium to go back to Colorado in a few weeks. This is a busy and stressful time for me as I have so much to do and I have to leave what has been my home and my life for the past six months which is never easy. On top of that this last Sunday was proving to be a day that would be filled with activities and little time to rest.

 I first woke up by accident at 4:00 am thinking it was 5:00 my usual time. I made some coffee and grab my iPad to check up on some things in the news (making sure the world is still alive) I also spent some time writing down all my "to do list" for the upcoming week.

 Then it was off to the local market at 6:45 am to get our produce and other goodies for the week. After returning from the market we had to move our horse Twiggy to another pasture to give the home pasture a chance to grow back after a very dry and hot summer. Off we went to check the fences on the new pasture and making sure she would be safe and have all she needs. We planned to drive her there with the cart and leave the cart behind, then I would ride my bike back and get the car.  We wanted to get this done before the heat that was expected that day took hold and the late risers here in Belgium wake up with activity. We left by 8:30 am.

After we returned it was time for lunch and then face the endless yard work that would not wait as the weather was calling for needed rain in the early evening. First came the garden where I had to pick all the ripened tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.  Then time to cut the grass and weed the flower beds. Whew, I was feeling the early morning hours catching up to me fast.

After that it was time to feed the dogs, and take them for their early evening walk. The storm clouds were forming so we went a bit early, but got caught in a down pour just the same. After changing clothes and wiping paws, it was time to think about dinner.

I love cooking  on the BBQ on summer days but that takes a bit of preparation. Since we have a covered patio I managed to get everything on the grill as the rain was falling. John and I enjoyed  a nice Cherry beer while we waited for the vegetables and potatoes to cook. Then we ate our dinner.  To my surprise it was already 8:30. For you night owls I know that is early but since I work on the other end of the day this is starting to feel late.

I was exhausted at this point and decided to stack the dishes and attact them in the morning. I rarely do this out of guilt and my mothers voice in my head always telling me that your home is a reflection of your life. But at this point sleep was more important. I would do them first thing in the morning.

Monday came around with a long list, I had to learn new software, edit some images, and send my new renters in Colorado the information they needed to get in to the condo, and of course those dishes. But then something amazing happened.

As morning light was breaking I could see that fog filled the air. Thick juicy beautiful fog. I knew from the past that these days are rare and I know the morning sun will be coming through the beautiful fog and create incredible defused light. For a photographer this is just to hard to resist. Those dishes would just have to wait, again.

I very quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera.  This was going to be a special morning to create images. 

What lens should I bring? Where should I go, How will find a great subject to put in this spectacular light?

 I then stopped and told myself life would take care of the details if I would just go and enjoy the morning as it was. I was out the door by 6:30.  If something spectacular came about I would be ready to capture it, otherwise the worst that could happen would be experiencing a beautiful morning and some needed exercise. 

Well the morning and life offered me many jewels in the beautiful fog. It seemed around every corner there was more beauty to capture. The whole time I was out on my bike and capturing what ever caught my eye I never once thought about all the chores and jobs waiting for me when I returned. 

 When life gives you a gift of beauty you take it, the work will wait and the list will grow but you will never have another opportunity to witness what nature is offering you in this moment. 

Here are some of the images  I took on that beautiful morning. Now off to do those dried sticky dishes.