Don't Be Afraid To Jump

I think a lot of people do not reach their full potential or realize their dreams because they are just to afraid to take a leap.  Yes it is scary and yes it is easier to just play it safe, but as someone who is continueouly take chances and trying new things I will tell you that you are robbing yourself of an extraordinary life and settling for just an ordinary one.

We all only have this life in front of us right now, what are you waiting for? The thing you are afraid will most likely never happen. It is just your mind trying to keep you safe. If you jump the net will appear. You have to have faith that all is well and you will come out the other end more confident, stronger, and happier. This I will guarantee to you. No not everything is easy and fun and you will have some difficulties but you will learn and get to know yourself better and feel you are living life not just sitting on the shore watching it go down river.

Here are a few of the the jumps I made in my life.

  1. At 16 I bought a horse with my babysitting money and had no where to keep him. We lived in town.
  2. I left a 24 year old marriage because we just had a different view of how to live life
  3. I quite my job and sold all my possessions to move to Montana
  4. I then did it again to move to Florida for a dream job.
  5. I went on a blind date at age 45. Never saw the guy or talked to him and had to travel 75 miles to meet him.
  6. I married this guy after knowing him for only 4 months (yes, best thing I ever did)
  7. Built a dream cabin in Montana
  8. Sold the dream cabin and moved to Belgium
  9. Bought a condo so I could be close to family without having a job or income.
  10. Currently live in two different countries every six months.

Each of these things were not easy but each brought an adventure and new friends and great stories I will be able to share with my grandkids one day. No they were not the smartest choices, or well planned out but that is the point. You will never live life fully if you don't face your fears and do it anyway. I can honestly say if I were to have to leave this life tomorrow I would not have any regrets because I feel I really lived this life and gave it my all.

So just jump, and live your best life.

What was the craziest jump you ever did?