A Cat, A Boy, and a Christmas Miracle

Grab a cup of coffee and you may need a tissue as I tell you the story about a little boy and his Christmas miracle. The boy is my grandson Ryan and this is a story about belief, faith and how miracles can happen at anytime.

Ryan has always had a bit of anxiety as a child. He seems to be one of those children that worry all the time about upcoming events and experiences. When he started first grade his anxiety seem to become more of a problem for him. He would ask his mom over and over about who would be picking him up from school or other events. He needed to know exactly who would be there, what time, and where would they be so he could see them. He seemed to be worried about not knowing every detail of what was going to happen in his little life. 

One day at Ryan's school his teacher told the children they were going to do a project using Skype. Ryan did not know what Skype was and was worried that the school was going to take him to this place called Skype. This caused him great anxiety, so he told his teacher he did not feel good and had a stomach ache. The teacher had him go the office where they called his nanny Sarah to come and pick him up. On the way back to her house she talked with Ryan and asked him about feeling sick so fast because earlier that morning he seemed to feel fine. She learned about his anxiety about Skype. Soon his mom called and talked to him and explained to him what Skype was and he had nothing to worry about. He then decided to go back to school to join in the fun of the project.

All of this anxiety had Ryan's mom thinking that maybe a pet would help him deal with being so anxious.  They decided that a kitten would be a good choice for him since both parents work and have little time for exercising a dog. A small house cat would be the best choice. So one day they brought home a small black kitten with big gold eyes to give to Ryan. He was so excited and held the kitten close, they seemed to bond immediately.  Ryan poured over a variety of different names for his little black kitten and finally decided to call him Batman. 

Batman and Ryan became fast friends and companions. The kitten would sleep in his bed at night and anxiously run to him when he came home from school. The little kitten seem to sense when Ryan was experiencing anxiety and would come and sit in his lap. Ryan would just pet the kitten over and over until he began to feel feel better.   Ryan's  parents could see how this small kitten was helping him and they knew they made the right decision on getting Ryan a pet.

Weeks went by and Batman and Ryan became closer and closer. Then on a warm sunny early November day Ryan and his two younger siblings decided to go outside and jump on the trampoline in their back yard.

The three kids were jumping and running around the yard and going in and out of the house all afternoon. Batman was a bit to curious about all the activity and would peak out the door now and then curious about the great outdoors. It wasn't until later that evening when Ryan was wondering about Batman and began to look for him in the house. But unfortunately Batman was not to be found. After hours of searching in every closet, under every bed, and in every possible hiding spot in the house the family came to the sad conclusion that Batman may have slipped out the door. 

The search then became a bit more serious. Everyone went outside calling and looking for little Batman. As darkness came around it was obvious this was turning into a serious situation. Being that this is Colorado the little kitten would have many predators to beware of. A Great Horned owl had his territory close to the yard and a large family of foxes lived in the open area just behind their home. Ryan's parents were getting quite concerned.

Ryan of course was wondering where Batman could be but did not really understand all their concerns. Everyday that went by of searching but not finding the little kitten brought on the worry something may have happened to Batman.  Ryan's mom even put out a pet Amber alert that informed all the neighbors that a little black cat was missing. She put notices on the mailboxes and every night they would look and search for their missing Batman.  But no news or sightings. 

Ryan  continued asking everyday if Batman had come home. He was so sure his little friend would return. As the weeks went by and the weather turned cold it was becoming obvious to the adults that Batman could be having a tough time surviving in the winter conditions.

As days turned into weeks Ryan's mom decided that maybe another kitten would help Ryan get over the lose of Batman. When she asked him about getting a new kitten Ryan told her he was concerned because he thought that Batman could see the new kitten in the house and not want to come back. But his mom explained that maybe if Batman saw the new kitten he would want to come home to play with him. Eventually he agreed that getting another kitten may be a good idea but that he is still wanted to wait to see if Batman would return.

The whole thing was heartbreaking to watch Ryan so convinced of his return yet knowing that the conditions of extreme cold and snow that was taking place outside the window made it hard to believe such a young cat could survive in such conditions.  It was becoming clear that the little black cat named Batman that was such a blessing to this little boy may never return.

They found another black kitten at the shelter who was similar to Batman and was a good substitute to fill the emptiness of not having his compainion.  Ryan decided to named this one Robin. Although he was somewhat pleased with the new kitten and would play with him often,  he continued to ask everyday after school if Batman had come home yet. His faith and belief in the cats return was amazing. The hard part was answering his questions about where Batman could be to stay warm and how does he find food. Not easy questions to answer.

At school when Ryan completed his work he would draw pictures of how he was feeling about Batman and how badly he wanted him to come home.  Here are some of his drawings.

 We miss Batman very much and I hope that Batman is nere (near) the house

We miss Batman very much and I hope that Batman is nere (near) the house

 Notice the tears

Notice the tears

 That is a picture of him calling for Batman over the patio fence

That is a picture of him calling for Batman over the patio fence


As time went on Christmas was fast approaching. When Ryan's parents would ask the children what they wanted Santa to bring them this Christmas all Ryan would say he wanted Santa to help Batman find his way home. This was so hard for his parents because they just did not know how this wish could ever come true.

Ryan's mom was now feeling anxious about her little boy having trouble understanding why Santa could not bring Batman back home. So she decided to give it another try and put another notification on all the neighbors mailboxes about the lost little black cat. 

Then one evening she got a call from a neighbor just a few blocks away. She said that a stray cat has been hanging around their backyard for a few weeks but she could not catch it. She explained that the cat would come around at night and finish their dogs food. She was not sure if this was Ryan's cat but she said he matched the description. She also said it would be difficult to catch him because he only came at night and seemed very cautious of anyone coming to close. 

A friend suggested getting a live trap and putting it in the backyard, she said her husband had one and that she would bring it over in a few days.  Both women knew they had to do all they could to try and make a little boys Christmas wish come true.

 A few more days went by and then Ryan's mom called the neighbor to inform her that they had a live trap and would like to try and put it in her yard to catch the stray cat to see if it was in fact Batman. Then suddenly the neighbor said that she could not believe they just called. She apparently had been trying every night to lure the stray cat into her house after hearing about Ryan's story. She said she had the black cat in the house and they were welcomed to come over to see if this could be the cat they had been so desperately searching to find. Ryan's mom and dad said they would come right over to see if the cat could possibly be Batman.

When they arrived the lady had the black cat in a animal carrier. As Ryan's parents peaked inside they both thought to themselves that this cat was much larger than what they thought Batman would be but as they pulled him out they could tell there was no doubt that this was in fact Batman. His eyes told the story and he looked exactly like the small cat that disappeared so many weeks ago only he had grown up quite a bit. Needless to say they were both thrilled and could not wait to show him to Ryan.

The most amazing part of this story is not how the small kitten who grew to a young cat had survived despite the cold and nasty weather and avoided all the predators lurking around or that the neighbor lady decided to take the time to convince the young cat to come into her house, no the real story here is the unwavering belief that Ryan had that his beloved little cat would come home to him just in time for Christmas. He had no doubt that Santa would help the cat to find his way back to Ryan. 

It was such a happy reunion, Ryan eyes light up with total delight seeing his long lost friend back home.  Even Batman seem to know he was be back where he belonged in Ryan's arms. 

Not everyone was thrilled to see Batman. Robin was not so sure this intruder was welcomed. But after a few hours they have become fast friends.

 Ryan never gave up or even questioned that his friend Batman would return. Even under all the odds that the adults knew were against this ever happening Ryan never gave up hope.


  I think we all could learn a lesson from this Christmas miracle. Never give up hope and always have faith even when faced with great odds.

So for this family it is surely going to be a special Christmas and a story to be told for many years. 

I hope you will continue to believe that miracles can happen and never loose your faith that they will.

Have a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of amazing miracles