What About Natural Sounds?

I am a visual artists and see the details of life because of years of training myself to see.  I have dedicated a huge part of my life to be visual and look deeper. I also love a more quiet type landscapes and lifestyle in order to create and share the images I find represent a rural theme. With this genre also comes the beautiful sounds and smells of the landscape or subject I am photographing. But these beautiful sounds are in a very big danger of becoming extinct. 

 Most of us are not even aware of the sounds we make our everyday modern life.  For instance the sound your phone makes with each message or call, your car that  beeps and dings to remind you to take the keys or turn off the lights, the dishwasher, washing machine, the airplanes that sore above. These man made sounds are taking over the beautiful symphony of nature. Our human sounds are so loud and common that we have lost the ability to even notice the faint sound of a song bird, or grass blowing in the wind, or waves quietly lapping on the beach. 

I as someone who loves rural settings, nature and wide open spaces I began to realize that while I am photographing I am also paying attention to the sounds and smells of these places. Although the camera can not pick up these senses in a still image they are a big part of the beauty nature has to offer.  

I often listen to podcast in the early morning hours at the start of my day. As I tuned in to one of my favorite podcast the discussion was about  listening to the quiet sounds of nature.  Did you realize that there are only 12 places in North America where you can only hear natural sound for 15 minutes before a human sound appears like a car or plane? This just astounded me. I am sure in Europe they these place are all but gone.

 I feel it is time that we all become aware of all the noise we make on a daily basis. I think our culture may be afraid of silence and  quieting down to really listen to what nature has to say. If just for a few minutes I invite you to take a walk preferably in nature somewhere and leave your phones and other distractions home and just sit and listen to how many natural sounds you can hear. If you have not done this in a long time it will take some practice because we tuned them out. 

We all live in different areas but I am sure there are sounds that you have heard that you truly enjoy. For me my favorite sounds are to be high in the mountains and hear the wind blowing through the tall pine trees . Another favorite is the sound of an approaching thunderstorm off in the distance. Just like our favorite songs these sounds also can bring back fond memories of days past. 

So please take some time in the New Year and just listen. I think you will soon find out just how important silence from our made made sounds will make you feel.

If your interested in listening to the podcast I am referring to click on the link below. I found this extremely interesting.