Tips On Buying A Quality Canvas Wrap

Buying a canvas wrap can be a very confusing project without the right knowledge. There are so many companies, options, and prices that choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

I just completed a large project for a Chicago based company which included purchasing and designing canvas wraps for display in their board rooms. I was thrilled to get this project but had to make sure that the canvas wraps were of top quality. They were providing me the images, but I did have to resize each image to their specifications and make sure the canvas wraps were delivered on time, not damaged, and of superior quality.

I have purchased canvas wraps before for my own work and have been very disappointed in the quality I received. So I began doing some research and found a few companies I think are making a quality product.  From experience I also found that some images do not look as good on canvas and would be better suited for a quality framed piece. Canvas tends to be very vibrant, and some art work looses it's story if the color is to dominant subject.  Doing small test prints is always a good idea before investing in larger canvas wraps for you work. 

Here are a few questions you will need to know before purchasing your canvas wrap.

  1. Does the canvas wrap have an exposed open back or closed? A closed back is the better choice.
  2. Does the canvas wrap come ready to hang with hardware or wires or are you going to have to assemble them?  I would make sure that they come ready to hang makes life much easier.
  3. Does the canvas wrap have UV protection? This is a must for your investment. You never want to hang any artwork in direct sun but sometimes the light from windows can fade your work so you definitely want to have UV protection
  4. If your canvas wrap arrives damage will the company replace it at no extra charge? I had this happen to me. The client opened the wrap and it had a big tear in it from shipping. The company replaced it with no extra charge to me. 


I recently did an internet search on companies selling canvas wraps and it is over whelming how many choices there are. Some were extremely reasonable, tempting you with low prices, however I think in the long run you will be much happier with a higher priced quality wrap. Also make sure the company has good customer service. You need a company that can answer your questions.  I only use companies that provide a representative I can talk  to for my client work. I do not want to be their customer service when my clients have a problem. So having a representative on the phone is very important for my business.  I want to know I can call someone should I have a problem with their product.

So just a few ideas to think about when purchasing a canvas wrap for the upcoming holiday season. Try not to be tempted by price unless they offer top quality. You will never remember how much you paid, but you will always remember if you were happy with the product or not.


Here are a couple of companies I would recommend that do a great work and offer customer service.

Hope this was helpful.


CG Pro Prints


Bay Photo