Time Waits For No One

 Father Time

Father Time

As I am sitting here writing this blog to you it came to mind how "time waits for no one". The clock ticks each second away and the hours pass wether we are aware of it or not.  We each wake up to another day and the opportunity to choose how we will spend these precious hours as we create lasting memories. Being happy is all that is required, so spend this time wisely.

My time in Belgium is coming to an end. Just like the migrating birds it is time to gather and migrate to another world.  In just two weeks I will go from the charm of enchanting forests, historical castles, and the smell of fresh baked bread to the glorious site of snow caped mountains, beautifully colored Aspen trees and the abundance of nature to wander and discover. I also get a chance to speak my own language with confidence, visit with friends and enjoy my family. Although my heart breaks to leave my husband and best friend behind, this life is producing amazing memories that I am sure I will visit often in my mind.

While out photographing the other day it occurred to me how many times I may  photograph a subject and the next time I pass by it is gone. Not long ago I photographed beautiful oak trees dressed in their fall colors lining the highway. The next time I went on this route the road had been repaved and made larger so they took down all these beautiful oak trees.  Sad but true. Gone forever except in my mind and in my photographs.

As you may know I love to photograph many of our old time traditions. They are a constant reminder of how life is moving on. The younger generation is migrating back to our large cities and the development of large farming is dwindling our small farms throughout the countryside. Horses have long been replaced by machines, and cell phones are now the norm over land line home phones, more books are being read on electronic devices I am sure libraries will be a thing of the past. When was the last time you went to rent a  video?   I am not saying this is bad in any way but it makes me realize how many of the things we see everyday are slowly disappearing without us even being aware of it unless we take notice. 

So I put together some photographs of things I see today that will not be quiet so common in the years ahead. "Time waits for no one" so I try and use my camera to preserve them the best I can.  It is my hope that someday my great grandchildren will be able to look at my work in amazement and possibly laugh at the way things were "back in my day." Boy does that make me feel old. But then time is not waiting on me either. I better get going in making this another amazing day. Join me won't you?