Preserving Tradition With Modern Technology

Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil, and you’re a thousand miles from the corn field”

Dwight D Eisenhower

There seems to be two different attitudes when it comes to tradition and progress, either your for it or against it.  I have to disagree. I love photographing old traditional ways as you can see in most of my photography. I feel sometimes i was born a little to late and would have enjoyed (maybe?) an earlier time when farming  and working with horses was at its height. But in reality I enjoy how the new technologies of today give us a chance to connect and share with so many others. If it were not for the internet many of us would not get a chance to see how others live and work in far away places. But now we have the opportunity to see images and read stories from around the world. 

I feel people who resist new technology are more afraid of it than they would like to admit. Fear of using it, fear of learning it, fear of the changes it brings. But just like in life you can pick and choose what and how you want to use these technologies and how they will effect your life. I do think going outside you comfort zone can be a great way of learning and growing and the internet has a lot to offer in stepping into the unknown. 

I love what I can do today with my cameras and my computer. Like writing blog post of my thoughts, stories and images, processing my photographs so they have an old world feel, and sharing across the world and engaging with other cultures. Most of all the ease of living in Belgium part of the year but still able to keep up with friends and family view the images they post on social media.

So using modern technologies will not destroy old tradition, time in of itself does that as we all evolve, but it offers us a great opportunity to preserve the traditions we love and admire and share them far into the future.

How do you feel about modern technology?  Please feel free to comment

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