Go Slower You Will Get There Faster

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The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts.
Henry Moore

Ever since I was young my mind has been racing to get somewhere. I am always trying to learn something, build something,  or create something.  I feel sometimes I need a break from all of the thinking that is going on in my head.

When I was just starting the first grade I did not care much for school. It was just to confining for me. I would always gaze out the window and imagine  other things I would rather be doing. Many days I would walk home for lunch, we lived very close to the school, and not return if my mother was not paying attention. Sure enough about an hour later the school would call and tell her I did not return again. She would usually find me in the back yard looking for something more interesting than black boards, papers, or pencils.

To this day I still get bored and restless with tasked that need to be done. I usually hurry through them to get it done only to find out I have to redo and redo causing things to take longer than if I would have just slowed down and did it right.

One day as I was no doubt hurrying through a mundane task my husband was observing me rushing from here to there. Now I must explain he is the kind of person you want to put on a project. He will focus, plan and finish that project to a high standard. So when he observes me working he just shakes his head. Normally it will drive me crazy when he makes suggestions on how I can better do the task and we usually end up in a bit of an argument about it. But this day he just looked at me and said “Go slower and you will get there faster.” It stopped me in my tracks and made me think. If I just slow down and concentrate on this one task it will be done before I know it. 

Since that day I have repeated this phrase to myself when I know I am trying to do to many things at once and getting no where. Especially when I am trying to learn a new photography skill or piece of software. If I just take my time and do a little everyday I will end up learning or perfecting the skill sooner and not have to keep coming back and try to learn the basic all over again. 

Now in the defense of the creative mind that just loves to learn and do I have found that jumping in with no fear and “get er done” is also a real assets to have. Like when you are cooking a meal for more than 5 people, you better be able to multi task if you want everything to be served at the same time. Or if you are photographing dogs, horses or children, you better be quick on your feet and be able to set your settings, frame your shot and push the shutter fast or you may not get a second chance. 

So “go slower you will get there faster” can help you out if you are a creative and you feel you are just spinning your wheels. But don't change the part of you that can react fast and think on your feet, it is also a skill you need to embrace. The wisdom to know which one to use in every situation  would be called wisdom.  

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Enjoy your strengths and conquer you weaknesses.

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