Sharing Some of My Favorites Things of 2014

As we are now in the mists of the Holiday season and coming on the end of the year I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things. Unlike Oprah I will not shower you with extravagant gifts to die for, but hopefully share with you some information on things I find inspiring, useful, and exciting to help enhance your life a bit.

 I also want to share with you the people who have gotten me this far in my craft. It is my intention that you will honor and remember the people, places and artists that help you on your journey through life, as none of us ever travel alone.

So here we go some of my favorite things

PODCASTS:  I love listening to podcasts. They keep me up on latest trends, inspire me to be a better person and educate me. Here are just three of my favorite podcasts

A very good podcast on being an entrepenuer in today's world.

A great podcast with interviews from the movers and shakers of today.

A photography podcaster that shares so much to help make photographers create more compelling images.

BOOKS:  Who doesn't love to sit down with a good book especially in these cold winter months ahead. I read for inspiration, learning, or a good story to take me away from life for awhile. Here are a few of my favorite books

Snow Child  A very interesting novel with a very different plot  

Dying To Be Me    Very interesting book on living, dying and living again. Open your mind for this one.

Art & Fear   A great book for artists of every kind.

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide   I love organic gardening and this book got me so interested in composting. Very fun book to read.

MUSIC: What can I say I love music. My iTunes library is abundant and music can take me to fond memories of days gone by or with new music that can build memories for the future. Here are a few of my favorite artists  in the music world.

New Artist  Chris Jamison

Favorite All Time Artist  Michael McDonald

Beautiful Music of Artist Kevin Kendle

PHOTOGRAPHERS THAT INSPIRE ME: Not only are these photographers amazing in the work they produce but they are my good friends and mentors. I would not be anywhere near where I am today in my craft if it were not for the generosity of these amazing people. I love them dearly.

Linda Doane is an amazing photographer from Kentucky. I met her at a workshop and we have become instant friends. She can shoot anything and has a wealth of knowledge that she freely shares with me. She is one of the hardest working photographers I know and I cherish our friendship.

Nat Coalson is a Fine Art photographer and was my very first mentor for photography and continually points me in the right direction. We have always had a lot in common and his knowledge and skills are beyond measure. He moved to the U K a few years back to be with his lovely wife and together they go on amazing trips. I love reading and learning from him to this day.

Robin Griggs Woods is today my new mentor since she pick me up to be in her team of apprentices in The Arcanum.   Robin is patiently helping me with me develop my art.  Here talent and giving spirit is addicting and she is pushing me to go out of my comfort zone and be the artist I desire to become. I am so thankful to be working with her.

Phyllis Burchett is a photographer from Atlanta Georgia. Phyllis and I started on this journey at about the same time when we met on line in one of the first photography classes I took. Phyllis is a go-getter and you can not stop her from accomplishing her goals. She has always help me out when ever I seem to get stuck in a ditch.

Last but certainly not least is my very best friend Sue Shanahan. Sue is a very accomplished children's book illustrator and author. We have been friends for over 30 years and have always helped each other with our challenges and our rewards. She has been the mother my kids needed when I am in Belgium and we talk daily on all things art and family. I so admire her talent of drawing and writing and her constant support of my journey. A friend like this must always be cherished.

BEAUTIFUL PLACES:  What can inspire you more about living a joyful life then to go to beautiful and amazing places in this world. I am not the big world traveler but I do get around and here are a few of the places I love to return and visit many times just to get inspired. They are not well known and some of them I am building my photo tour and work shops around. But more than that they are special to me for many reasons.

Horse fisherman of Belgium. Amazing old tradition of fishing with draft horses   

Alden-Biesen Castle in Belgium. Beautiful area and I love to rent the electric bikes and tour around the countryside and view the castles in the area. 

Redstone, Colorado I came upon this tiny little historical mountain town while driving the backroads near Aspen and fell in love. I am doing my fall tour there which will be announced soon. And now have a dream of living in this quaint friendly little town tucked in the mountains. As they say "dream until your dreams come true"

Of course my heart still has a deep place in Montana. I remember cooking for an outfitter in the Bob Marshal wilderness, it was an experience I will never soon forget.  My husband and I met in Montana and lived there for several years. The friends we made in Montana will never be forgotten. They have helped us both in more ways than I can list here and I will always be grateful and proud to call them friend