Horses of Honor in the City of Chicago

Last week I was in theChicago area visiting family. I generally try and stick to the back roads where things are a bit more quiet, but when I heard about the charity taking place in the streets of Chicago I knew I wanted to photograph this event.  Horses of Honor is a charity for all the fallen police officers that lost their life in the line of duty.

They made life size fiberglass horses and campaigned for sponsors throughout the city, then they had local artist create and design each of the horses. At the end of this month they are going to auction off each of the horses with the proceeds going to the families of those who lost loved once in the department.

My daughter and I walked the streets of Chicago and took photographs of as many as we could find. We met some great people along the way also wanting photographs of the amazing display of art and horses. So I believe I took as many photos of tourists standing next to the horses as the horses themselves. It was a great day of visiting my favorite city, that is when I find myself in a city which is rare.

Here is a video I put together of all the horses.  Horses of Honor

Here is another video of on of the artists painting one of the horses: Horse of Honor Painting