Projects Keep Me Creative

We are heading into a very busy time of the year, the 8 weeks of everything Holiday. 8 weeks! No wonder when January comes we are thrilled to curl up next to a warm fire and a good book and just breath. Unless you happen to live in Colorado when the fresh powder and bright sunshine is just begging you to get out there. Summer heat I imagine would be a better time to stay indoors with the airco and that book, but I fly off to Belgium where the beautiful spring flowers, morning fog, long 18 hours of daylight and all the summer events to capture with my camera keeps me very busy. So when do I slow down?  When I come up with a creative project just for me.

I have been an entrepreneur many times over in my life time, but being one in the creative field (writer, singer, photographer, painter, filmmaker. insert yours here) is by far one of the most difficult careers to manage. You have to do all the things other businesses have on their plates like accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, networking, but a creative has to feed their muse or she will fly away because those tasks are not very appealing to this ever elusive muse.

When I get overwhelmed with tasks that I feel are very important I tend to dive in and try and knock them out as quickly as possible so I can get back to the one thing that called me to pick up a camera in the first place. I quickly learned that if I want to become better at this craft it was going to take a lot of learning and practice and if I wanted to make a living at this creative endeavor it would also take a lot of time and attention to things I hope to hand off to someone else one day when I can afford it. Like the bookkeeping etc.

So in order to not drive my muse away and keep my sanity I come up with small projects that are just for me. Like going out  for a hike with one lens on my camera and no bag, I leave all the gear behind and enjoy nature and if something spectacular appears I will press the shutter. Or like my recent projects of taking my camera to the local dog park (and may I add an ultra amazing dog park) and just photograph dogs having fun. 

I find that when I watch dogs just being a dogs it reminds me to just be me and forget about all the tasks and schedules I put myself under . Dogs are so real and in the moment when they get a chance to be with their fellow dogs friends and away from their owners who have a relentless need for them to act like a human. At this dog park I have witnessed just pure joy. Dogs diving into water to get a balls with other dogs hot on their tails. It doesn't matter if the water is cold, it doesn't matter if other dogs are chasing them these dogs are focused just chasing balls or chasing each other or just walking along a path smelling those wonderful scents they find so enticing. You see this kind of  joy makes me realize that we need to do this daily in our lives, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. So I decided to make this a project I call fun. 

When I upload the photos so many times if just makes me smile. Pure fun and engagement with  fellow dogs.  I even started a Facebook page call Chatfield Dog Park so the owners of these dogs could go and enjoy the photographs and upload some of their own.

I am planing to expand on my project by find more situations of dogs having fun. Maybe add some video or make a slideshow or create a portfolio for an exhibit or a book one day. Who knows, but now I just want to do it for fun. Then when I come back and have to argue with my computer or software programs I will not be so frustrated and throw my computer mouse to the floor anymore because I just had witnessed and capture pure enjoyment and it showed me not to take life so serious.

Here are some of the photos I have taken of dogs just having fun.