Spring Is Here In Belgium

I just arrived to my summer home in Vorselaar, Belgium. The first think I noticed was of course the weather, sunny bright, green and with a temperature of 70 it is  wonderful. Even the stewardess from the plane commented that she was not sure we were in Belgium because it was not raining. Personally after being in Colorado where rain does not occur that often I would have welcomed a rainy day especially since I was going to have to take a nap to start the jet lag recovery. But with the weather as it was I was going to have a hard time sleeping on such a wonderful day. As I walked around my yard all I could see was work. Old plants needed to be discarded, windows and screens need washing, the horse was shedding and could use a good brushing and the garden was ready to plant. My wonderful guy prepared the garden for my arrival as he knows how much I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt.  

Prepared Garden Ready For Planting


So even though my suitcase is still packed, camera equipment is still waiting to be put away, tomorrow I will be headed to the garden store to buy peas, green onions, and leaf lettuce and start the planting. This year I decided to keep a photo journal of my garden so I can see it as goes from small seeds into to an abundant harvest. Residing on the back roads a garden is a big part of country living. It just doesn't make sense to let good dirt go to waste. I love composting, planting and nurturing a garden as much as I love going out and picking and eating fresh food. It just taste better when you grow and pick your own harvest. I also read somewhere that plants that you take care of yourself are better for you body because they have picked up the energy of your body and supply what it needs. I believe it because food just taste better from my garden and I feel better after eating it. Oh how I love nature and all her benefits.

In Belgium gardening is so easy compared to the years I tried gardening in Montana. Nice fertile sandy soil, and no rocks. But insects are something you have to keep a handle on. So the spring work begins as I leave the inside cleaning alone until next week when rain is in the forecast and Belgium will be more its typical self. But I will feel better knowing I will be eating fresh peas and lettuce before to long.

How does your garden grow?

Here are a few photos of spring around Belgium.

20110305-305tulips-21untitled shoot


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