Blogging To Blog Is Not Blogging

I think so many of us hear over and over that we need to blog. It is how you are going to get found, how you advance your brand, how people will find you in this vast sea of content. Is this true? I have to admit I blog because I feel maybe that is what I should do but I am not a word person I am a visual person. What I care about I see through the lens of a camera and want to share that more than I want to share my thoughts. Quite frankly I feel like my deep thoughts are for me to write down to learn more about who I am than to share with the world.

So why do we all blog when it is not something we enjoy? Well I am still wondering that myself. I like visual blogging along with a few thoughts, like what I am doing here. I suppose I like sharing what captures my interest in chance that maybe you enjoy what I see also.  But I struggle to find deep words of wisdom to share to change the world. It is just not me.

My friend on the other hand blogs because she has something to share, and in the process she is discovering she is a writer and her words come from a place she can not describe. She shares her thoughts but more she is sharing somethings we all need to hear and give deep thought to. Here is a link to her blog.

I like to share what I see in my world and what captures my attention. Maybe because I have worked so hard at learning to create more compelling photos and still study photography obsessively, but I love images and how they capture a split moment in time that would otherwise go unnoticed. I like to try to tell a story through vision rather than words.

So if my blog has more photos than inspiring words, it is because that is my passion, my gift, and my intention. To share moments in time, things I feel are beautiful, funny, interesting, and catch my eye for some reason.

For all you wonderful bloggers of words, keep moving us with your thoughts and inspirations and we visual story tellers will keep showing you what we see and hope you stop for just a moment and look.

So that being said, here are a few photos of the dogs being dogs having fun and doing what they love. Which by the way is the reason we are all here isn't it?

chatfield-dog-park-3013 chatfield-dog-park-3049 chatfield-dog-park-3111 chatfield-dog-park-3161 chatfield-dog-park-3233