Hi! I Am Gigi

 I Love Creating Rural Art From My Photography

I am sure you are here because like me you have a passion for horses, nature, and rural subjects. 

I understand how hard you have worked on your photography skills over the years and understand how important it is to find your artistic style.

You have acquired the technical side of photography, and now it is time to create your unique photographic art.

 let me and other artists help you accomplish this goal!

I have been photographing rural subjects for over 15 years. It has been a great journey that I know will continue to evolve. 

I love creating art from my photography but also have done articles with images for magazines and blogs, and I sell my Fine Art prints to clients around the world.

But I love connecting with artistic photographers and work together helping each other grow our skills and create our art.

We are all at different levels but have a common goal of creating our art. 

Here are ways you can get started:

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So are you ready to take your photographic art to a new level?  We are here to help.

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How Do You Make a Photograph Into Art?


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