You love horses, dogs and all animals and they are an important part of your life. We should all document the short time we have with our best friends with amazing photos. However photographing animals is not always easy, that is where I can help. I can teach you to take amazing image of all the animals in your life. 

Hi, My name is Gigi

I am an equine and rural lifestyle photographer and story teller. My main subjects are usually huge horses that love to work, dogs that dive into ponds, and portraits of people with manure on their boots. 

Along with creating documentary images I also love to create rural fine art pieces and share the stories behind them in my blog.

I also help other photographers with learning how to take great images of animals and turn them into art. You can get started  here.  Student Newsletter



So, come and join me in the journey of capturing amazing images of animals and pets. 

Here are 7 things you probably don't know about me.

  1. Although I travel a lot I would rather stay in my own backyard.
  2. My addiction is coffee, I will go to great lengths to be sure I have some every morning.
  3.  I can count my best friends on one hand but have found my pets fill in when needed.
  4. I can only go two days without taking a photograph.
  5. I talk silently to the plants in my organic garden.
  6. I have secretly always wanted  wanted to be a storm chaser.
  7. I hated school until I graduated then realized the missed opportunity.

Contact me if you have any questions about the images or stories on the website. I do commission work and equine and pet sessions.  You can reach me for more details here: